Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where does CHKDSK hide its log?

I haven't been blogging for over two months - it's been busy. More on this, perhaps, in another post.

Today I'd like to complaint about something that's bothered me for years - where does CHKDSK hide its log file??? I purposely added a link to the utility, because even on the formal help page there is no information about that. The thing is that more often than not, you will run chkdsk at a time where you don't need the computer, because it could take a while (one hour in my case). So even if you remain next to the computer - you might miss the few seconds it gives you to view the results, and then you're on your own. Go figure where they're hiding this damn log file! Do I have bad sectors on my hard drive? Yes! No! Perhaps...

Every time I run chkdsk I end up finding the actual log file, but it always takes me a while to remember where to find it.

Anyway, the simplest way to see the results of chkdsk is to check it out in the Event Viewer (Control Panel ==> Administrative Tools ==> Event Viewer). It's very "smartly" located under the "Application" group (putting it under "System" would make it too easy to locate I guess). There you have to search for an "Information" record with source "Winlogon".

Who said Windows XP isn't user-friendly?

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