Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why I urge you to NOT buy an LG laptop in Israel !!!

About a year ago I posted a very enthusiastic post about my laptop, concluding that "I'm pretty sure that next time I buy a laptop, LG will be on the top of my potential brands!".

Today, my friends, I admit I had no idea what I was talking about, because until that moment I didn't run into any problem with the machine. Now that I have, and had to get (no) help from their laptops lab I must say the exact contrary - DO NOT buy LG laptops in Israel, if you want your warranty to have any meaning!

Huh? What? What happened???

I'll try to make it short:

1. It's been some time now that I had 2 main issues with the laptop:

   a. It would suddenly freeze, leaving me no alternative but to hard-reboot it.

   b. The mouse buttons didn't work well.

2. At some point I couldn't work with it anymore, so I had to bring it to the lab. The machine is 2 years old, the warranty is for 3 years - should be a no-brainer.

3. Since the lab is at a remote location, I brought it to a computer shop/lab that works with LG and provide a service of sending/receiving stuff to/from the lab. So far so good.

4. After almost 3 weeks, the laptop was back.

    a. They fixed the mouse-buttons.

    b. The freezing was answered by the so-annoying "you must reinstall Windows".

    c. When I got home I realized that the battery didn't work anymore!!! When I sent it to the lab, the battery was still able to provide me with ~2 hours of work. Now I got it back completely broken: 0 juice, 0 recharge!!!

5. I sent it back to the lab, got it back after again almost 3 weeks, with the even more frustrating answer that the warranty is not valid for batteries. I talked to the lab director, but bumped into a solid wall.

6. Last night I reinstalled Windows. Guess what - when I worked with it now it got frozen once again...

I rest my case...

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