Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hmm, where do we start?

Well, I'm all new to Blogging (as a Blogger). Since I've been enjoying various other Blogs very much laterly (Roy Osherove , Useless Inc. and others), I figured - let's give it a shot.
So here I am.
Well, if you're wondering what I plan to be posting, I guess it will be about the following:

  • Some programming stuff. I've written some nice infrastructure components in C#, have some SQL thoughts etc. I'll post them when time permits as well as stuff I encounter on the way
  • Academic stuff - especially related to Machine Learning
  • Some personal stuff (mostly pictures of my little girl)
  • Thoughts of all kinds

Well, that's it for a start. I guess I'll post some background about me in the near future. I don't promise I'll keep up blogging. I'm starting today, then we'll see.

Hell, Why not?


Anonymous said...


The Phoenix said...

About your
1)the programming stuff - I have no clue what you said there
2)academic stuff - sounds interesting
3)personal stuff - that's the main reason people blog, and I think pics of your girls would be great!
4)thoughts of all kinds - fantastic, as long as they are your own

Ilan Assayag said...

I hope it is now clear from my last posts what kind of programming stuff you can expect.
Thanks for your interest.