Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why "Why not?"

Why did I choose this name? Well, why not? OK, OK, I'll explain. Many people, when they are asked (for) something have a tendency to automatically respond in a negative way: "why should I do this?", "why do you want that from me?", "what's there for me to gain?", etc.
I want to propose a reversal pattern - when you're asked something and you want to say "no" or "why?", start by asking yourself "why not?". In most cases, you'll find out there are at least as many and as good reasons for a positive than for a negative approach.


Anonymous said...

The question we all ask is not "why not" but...
Just kidding, congrats for the new blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ilan,

This is Amir Stern (shteren), we were together in the army, same course, same unit etc...
I cant see your email address so here is mine :
I mamash found you by coincidence on the net.
I am happy you r married and with a daughter !

Please get in touch,
Amir Stern
(I will probably get back to you after wednesday)