Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Now that's how a software company should work!!!

I've been using JetBrain's ReSharper for a couple of weeks now, and I'm really pleased. I was used to Visual Assist and in my opinion there is no real competition between these two - ReSharper is clearly several leagues higher.
But, that's not what I was most impressed about. I soon found out that one of the features I used a lot in Visual Assist did not exist in ReSharper. I'm talking about multiple clipboards - the last few things you copied to your clipboard are all memorized, and with a few keboard strokes you get the list of last things on your clipboard and you can choose which you want to paste. A real coding-time saver. I was really sad - such a good tool and this particular little thing I am so fond of is missing. So I followed Tomer Gabel's recommendation and filed an RFE with the JetBrains guys. A week later, they sent me a message, asking me how I thought this feature should work. Another week later I got a message that the feature has been implemented in build nr. 206.

Did you get that? In 2 weeks they implemented a new feature, they didn't event intend to have in their next release, only because one potential customer has asked for it!!!!
Well, now I'm decided - I'm buying it!!! Not only I have that one feature I was missing, but I'm confident that the software will always be as cutting-edge as possible.

Fellow programmers/team leaders/project managers/etc. - that's the spirit!!!

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