Friday, March 24, 2006

I don't want the cellular companies to fry my brain!!!

Since the cellular companies have introduced their 3G solutions, the number of cellular antennae is increasing exponentially. Today I decided to do a little test. I counted the number of antennae on the highway between Caesarea interchange and Kfar Shmaryahu (it’s less than 35 km).

I only counted those antennae that are visible from the highway. I guess I’ve missed some, since I had to look at the road once in a while and also more and more antennae are hidden to the casual eye, to avoid protestations of people who live nearby.

I was able to count more than 40 antennae on this small piece of road!!!!!!

Need I say more?!?!?! Where does this stop???? When are there going to be laws that have the citizens' health and well-being in mind?

Just to set things straight - I'm NOT against cellular phones in general. I myself am using a cellular phone on a daily basis and understand its importance in today's life. I don't, however, like the idea of having antennae spread all around me, only to support 3G features, which frankly I feel are mostly superfluous.

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