Sunday, March 05, 2006

Preventing violent crimes

There has been yet another high-rating violent crime last week-end. Inbal Amram, 20, was killed when she took the car for a few minutes to get her sister. The police has still no clue as to who might have done it nor why.

I’m sick of it! And frankly, I’m truly scared. I have a 2-year old daughter, and if these kinds of things happen so often today, what will it be when she reaches 16?

What drives me crazy even more is that there is a pretty efficient way to prevent this. We all had to endure, during all our school years, these stupid sports lessons. I call them stupid, because for those kids who are much into sports, the lessons were just a game and too easy for them. And for those kids who are really not into sports, it’s boring, tiresome and a waste of time altogether.

Why not use the time, energy and money, in teaching kids self-defense. I’m not talking about a crash-course of 3 lessons. I’m talking about seriously teaching a martial art, throughout all the childrens’ school years, that would teach them how to defend themselves. Make it part of the education program. To be more precise, I would make it obligatory for girls. After all, let’s face it – most violent crimes are performed by men against women.

I know that this is not a very orthodox solution. But I know what you can learn from practicing a martial art for years. You learn discipline, self-control and improve your self-confidence. When the moment comes, you know what to do and are not afraid of doing it. I know that if my girl will start practicing something like that from young age, I will sleep much better at night, when she’ll grow up.

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