Tuesday, April 17, 2007


If you live in Israel, and especially if you're a high-tech professional, you are probably aware of the big noise around the expected change in taxes for leasing cars.

Globes just published a great read - an article that compares this issue to some other, more understandable yet completely virtual scenario. Even if you don't subscribe to the point of view that the taxes should indeed be increased, it's still fun to read.

Another interesting read on this subject is a site by the same author (and others), which explains why the taxes should indeed be increased.

If, like many others, you're trying to figure out the actual monetary value of using a leased car, check this calculator out.

Lastly, although I understand all the reasons why the taxes should indeed be increased, I'm still a big fan of leasing cars. I'm a complete car-dummy, and the feeling that whatever the problem, there is someone who will come within a couple of hours to fix it, is worth a lot more than money. So IMHO, if indeed there is a glitsh in the current tax calculation, then justice must be done and the taxes should be updated. I still, however, want to keep the option of using a leased car (as an employee), without being pointed at as if I were a danger to society.

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