Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spam the spammer!!!

I just got a spam mail that made me REALLY angry.

It's from a company that calls itself Mailmedia. The message itself, however, was sent by a user at the lombardisoftware.com domain (I'm pretty sure that the genuine Lombardi company has nothing to do with this...).

What upset me the most with this mail, was the nerve - it was no less than a promotion for businesses to use their services to send spam mails. Yes, that's right - I got a spam mail that is a promotion for a spam company!

But that means that there should be some way to communicate with them, right? Unfortunately, there is no website, or email address - I would have been more than happy to spend a few hours setting up my own spamming machine to kill their website or their email address. I would, really! But they weren't that stupid - they only provided an Israeli mobile phone number:


(Note, I've searched this phone number up in Google and found only one entry in a Gays forum. This guy seems to be searching for a fatherly type... I have no idea whether this is genuine, or just another frustrated spamee who wants payback.)

Now, my request to every Israeli reading this post - please please please - spam this phone number with as many calls as you can. Let them FEEL how annoying it is to be spammed all day long. Let them LOOSE potential clients because the line will always be busy. Make them SUFFER as much as we do from their never ending spam mails.

Be smart: don't forget to HIDE the calling number when you call them (for Orange you must preceed the number with #31#, for HOT you must preceed with *43).

DISCLAIMER: Although I really want as many people to join the spammers spamming effort as possible, I take no responsibility whatsoever to any miscomfort, legal or other issues you may encounter as a result of doing as I just asked.

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