Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fighting car accidents - my five cents

Recently a family was torn apart when a truck driver smashed into a car, killing the father an daughter and injuring the wife and son. The truck driver had a history of over 190 (!!!)  traffic convictions !!!!!!!

Of course, this made a lot of noise, and many people keep asking how someone like that still drives, where have the judges left their sharp brains while judging his cases, etc.

The thing is that there is no concrete incentive to restrain these mad-men. A thing that could help would be to change the system completely - instead of having the insurance policy made on a per-car basis, make per-driver. That is, if I have a driving insurance, it would be valid no matter whose car I drive (much like already exists for mechanics). In addition, all traffic convictions should be made publicly available. The result would be that companies would avoid hiring people with many convictions - because their insurance policies are more expensive and they are dangerous.

The rules of the market will be such that dangerous drivers will have a really hard time to find jobs (especially when the job involves driving a company vehicle), and that, ladies and gentlemen, is one hell of an incentive!

If course, it's not without flaws, but I think it's worth being investigated further.

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