Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I type at 48.1 wpm and 97.2% accuracy

I took the typing test everyone talks about, here are the results:

Number of words typed: 144
Test duration: 3 min
Speed: 48.1 words/min. (240 keystrokes/min.)
Error penalty: 4
Accuracy: 97.2%

It's good, but I've got a lot to improve. I must say it made me quite nervous - causing me to make several time-consuming errors (didn't get high accuracy for nothing). Also for me, writing code goes way faster (even before counting Intellisense, Resharper and the like in) than text I've never seen before. There are some words, or parts of words that I can just type at lightning speed (new, class, for, if, the, select, from, ...)

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