Monday, October 29, 2007

We're Hiring - Searching for a Quantitative Analyst

For the past few years I've been working for a global investment firm. At the beginning I worked part-time as a freelancer, but recently the company opened an R&D facility in Herzliya and now I'm a full time employee again. We're now looking for exceptionally talented quantitative analysts, to participate in the development, validation & documentation of risk & analytical applications and processes.

Our firm has been engaged for over 10 years in the research and development of systematic trading models for the global financial markets. The developed models are used in the actual money management of clients' portfolios.

Role will involve working on new risk management models, data extrapolation, and trading model analysis and development.


· MS or PhD in Math or Physics

· Exposure to stochastic calculus

· Excellent general modeling skills

· Grasp of PDE’s and Monte Carlo

· Experience in statistical data analysis or signal processing is a plus

· Experience in Matlab \ C# is a plus

· Financial knowledge is a plus

To apply, fax your resume and a cover letter to 09-970-7329 or email

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