Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bringing your PC to a technician...

YNET published today a very interesting and sad article.

They took completely good computers, incorporated one technical problem to each of them and brought them to 6 different PC technical labs.
If you want the full details – have a go at the article on their site.

For those who want the summary (or don’t read Hebrew):

First technical problem: graphics card not right in its slot.
Results: 2 labs fixed the problem with no cost. 1 lab replaced the graphics card with a new one and demanded approx. 30$ for it.

Second technical problem: some of the memory was replaced with corrupted memory, which caused the computer to fail startup.
Results: 2 labs claimed the motherboard AND CPU needed to be replaced. 1 lab simply recommended upgrading to a completely new computer.

Need I say more?

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