Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm back to IE

A few weeks ago I posted that I’ve decided to try using FireFox, with the idea of opening anything that is not sufficiently supported by FireFox with the IETab. Well, I’m sorry to day that this experience didn’t prove successful for me, and I changed my default browser back to IE.
Just to name a few reasons:
1. IETab Pop-up blocking – there is no way (that I could find) to define on which sites you want to allow pop-up blocking and which not when you’re using the IETab. You must set pop-up blocking to either ON or OFF for ALL the sites being viewed with the IETab. This is the most significant reason why I disliked the IETab. As Murphy would have wanted it, most of the sites I need to view with the IETab (mostly but not exclusively bank account sites) use pop-ups. So I do need to allow pop-ups, but I certainly don’t want to allow them for all the sites viewed with the IETab!
2. Performance – odd isn’t it? Well, some sites take up quite a lot of CPU with all their flash publicities and all. I don’t like it, but since I like the content I live with it. One of these sites is YNET. The problem with FireFox, is that even when the browser is minimized, it takes up a significant amount of CPU when these sites are open. With IE, once the browser is minimized, the CPU drops to normal and is free for my other stuff.
3. Defining sites that should be displayed with IETab – the list is a list of exact urls. You can’t define web sites. This has proven to be very annoying.
4. I don’t remember exact examples at the moment, but I did encounter some sites that didn’t look well either with the IETab or without it.

Until these issues are not fixed, I’m sorry to say I’ll have to continue using IE. I know that I could use both, and each time choose the best one, but I hate working that way.

(Right before sending this post I discovered there is a new IETab release. I'll try and play with it some time soon. Maybe it will make me change my mind?)

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