Friday, December 02, 2005

FireFox dillema

In the past I have tried using FireFox. It left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, I liked the tabs A LOT and felt the configuration options are much more usable than with IE. I also felt that the way favorites could be saved in groups (also by saving all open tabs in one click) was particularly helpful to me. But on the other hand I was disappointed to see that: a) the memory footprint was very similar to that of IE (sometimes higher sometimes lower) and b) Since many sites are still incompatible with FireFox, I had to keep using both all the time.

In the end I decided that there was no point wasting my time juggling between them all the time, so I crawled back (with my tail between my legs) to our not-so-good but certainly old IE and stopped using FireFox.

Until today.

Today I found out there is an add-on that seems to be able to solve that exact problem: the IETab. It provides you with the possibility to view web pages in an IE tab from within FF. You can switch between using the IE engine or the FF engine with a single click, or even configure a list of websites that will be opened in an IE tab by default. This seems to be exactly what I needed!

Bottom line: I’m going to download the latest version of FireFox right-away, and install it with the IETab. Hopefully it will make it possible for me to enjoy both worlds and live happily ever after…


Tomer Gabel said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people manage to find incompatibilies with FireFox. I use it prectically exclusively and only fire IE/Maxthon very rarely for certain badly-coded Hebrew websites (Discount Bank and even that's relatively rare), and now with IETab not even that (although I think IETab has an issue with marshalling Hebrew keystrokes to IE? Not sure)

Ilan Assayag said...

Well actually one of my main problems was indeed with my bank's website (Mizrahi), but there were others as well. I hope to post a follow-up in a few weeks after I have got a good feel of how it goes (with the addition of the IETab). I'm optimistic :-)