Sunday, December 11, 2005

IDesign's Serializer

In one of my first posts I reported on a MessageLoop object I wrote and posted to the CodeProject.
Today I discovered that at IDesign they wrote a Synchronizer object (go to the link and search for the word 'Synchronizer') that provides the same functionality. Their implementation has the advantage to implement the ISynchronizeInvoke interface, which means the solution is much more complete. But then again it means that my implementation, is much simpler. Also, I have added some features to my implementation that you won't find in Synchronizer:
1. Priority on messages (i.e. make it possible to execute a message before older messages)
2. Limit the queue size - when the limit is reached, new messages are being dropped.
I haven't added these features to the published version yet, but for my personal needs they are important, so I'll keep using it (although I might merge both some time in the future).

Thanks to my friend Moshe Anconina for pointing this out to me.

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