Saturday, December 10, 2005

I burned my wife...

Believe it or not, but last week I actually burned my wife. After having served her a boiling cup of tea, I made a wrong movement and the cup turned over, spilling all of the boiling liquid on her leg.
It was a nightmare! Even though it took us only 2 or 3 seconds to get her pants off and put enormous quantities of water on the burn, the damage was already done. She has a 2nd level burn on an area of 20x40 centimeters. She said that the pain during the first day was worse than giving birth. And she gave birth without epidural!!!
I can't emphasize how sorry I am and how bad I feel about this. She's not angry, of course, for it was obviously and accident, but I still feel I would have better liked doing it to myself on both legs than having her suffering this.

Maybe the most infuriating thing it that if the water was just a few degrees lower, the burn would have been much lighter. So what I do from now on, and that's my tip as an experienced leg-burner: whenever I prepare some hot beverage, I make sure to add a bit of cold water before serving it!!!

I sincerely hope that maybe this post will help avoid such accidents for other people.

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