Monday, December 25, 2006

A goose laying golden eggs?

While reviewing my blog statistics I discovered that, obviously, the highest hit rates occur during periods where I post more and more frequently.

>> No surprise here - where's the gold?

The more interesting bit, is that almost every post is followed by one or more clicks originating in the Bloggers' "Next Blog" button (look at the upper right corner of this page). I always thought this button refers the reader to some random blog on Bloggers' blogosphere. Well, that's not exactly the case. I don't know exactly how it works, but basically, you have a chance of being referred to by this button, if you posted something a short while ago.

>> OK, OK, now didn't you promise gold?

Here it comes - AdSense, and all other advertisement that are based on either clicks or views (CPM or Cost Per Mille (1000) impressions). With AdSense, they work with batches of 1000 views (I don't know how much you get paid for these - I'm not advertising on my blog in any way, as you see). So, with a little program that would write a new post every second (you could split this into several blogs, of course), you get 86400 views per day (assuming each post results in one single random viewer, through the "Next Blog" button), which I suppose should be beneficial...

>> Nice... But aren't they using CAPTCHA's to avoid misuse of the blogs?

Yes and no - you need to prove, for a while, that you're up to no bad. Then you can send Bloggers an email requesting to be exempted from the annoying CAPTCHA. Once they've done that, you're free to go. Also, with the advent of Windows Live Writer and other similar tools, I guess they are getting looser and looser with this issue.

>> Now really - how much could I earn this way?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. Let's assume you get 5$ for each 1000 views. With one post/second, you get 432$/day or 12960$/month. And once you have the infrastructure up and running, there is very little work to do, and you may be able to increase it by adding more and more blogs to it. The main problems you may encounter, IMO, are:

  1. How to get CPM deals? I suppose in many cases the advertisers will want to really know the sites on which they will be publishing. If that's the case for all CPM programs, you'll have to rely on clicks, in which case the revenues will be substantially lower (if any).
  2. How to remain below the radar? Obviously, the more blogs and posts, the more chances you will stand out.
  3. Generating random posts - it wouldn't hurt if you managed to make those posts look genuine. Somehow...


  1. Create several blogs on Bloggers. I would even go for several thousands, in order to have an average of only a few blogs a day, to remain below any radar.
  2. For a while, post reasonably valid stuff on all these blogs. It's a lot of work, but it's going to be worth it.
  3. For each of these blogs, ask Blogger to be exempted from CAPTCHA.
  4. Create an AdSense account for each of these blogs. You may want to try other advertisement tools as well, why not?
  5. Write a program that automatically generates random posts. I would make them using concrete English phrases, maybe citing some scanned book or some news website (beware of legal pitfalls). Automaticaly generate a post to one of these blogs every second.
  6. Start counting the money...

DISCLAIMER: What I've written above is the result of some random thoughts, while I was trying to solve some completely unrelated problem. I have no idea whether it would indeed work or not - I didn't try it and don't intend to. This should also not be viewed as a recommendation to act this way - I have no idea whether it is legal or not, and am not responsible for anyone who tries it and finds himself behind bars because of that. If you have any information that could shed some light as to whether or not this is feasible, drop a line, to fulfill my academic curiosity ;-)


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