Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I may not be cool, but I think this sucks!!!

A new Israeli site provides users a means to retrieve peoples' name and address given their phone number.
Now imagine this scenario: your 16-year old daughter sat for a nice cup of coffee with her friend at some coffee shop and forgets her mobile phone. A guy who noticed her in that coffee shop and found her good looking takes the phone and starts going through her numbers in memory. He finds the "Home" number, and through this despicable site, knows exactly where to locate her.....
This site should go down - the sooner the better! I know that in many cases the database is outdated, but I managed to find the names and addresses of many people very close to me.

(through YNET)


Anonymous said...

The 441il site now offers an option to show the data using Latin Characters. Have Fun

Ilan Assayag said...

Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

Either you're a complete idiot or you're just stupid.
I am completely AGAINST this site. I think it's a dangerous privacy violator, and I don't care whether the data is shown in Hebrew, Latin or Swahili.
I also don't like my blog being used to promote some feature of a site I wish didn't exist.