Monday, February 12, 2007

House security flaw

My neighbor's alarm is working - drives us nuts. I went to see if they are connected to some security center, and saw 4 or 5 placards of the same company. I called them, gave the neighbors' full name and address (either would have been sufficient). They told me that the neighbors are not customers of theirs. So how come there are so many of your signs all around the house? - I asked. They answered that probably my neighbors installed their alarm system through the security company, but they are not active client of the phone service ("moked"). Hmmm, so basically, if I were a prospective burglar, I could call each of the phone services in the area giving them the details of the house I want to break into, and in a few minutes I would have a pretty good notion of the level of security I would have to deal with...

You may ask - why is it the service provider's fault? What should they do different? Well, for starts, they could say something like "we will check whether they are our customers, and if not we will contact the police.", leaving me no way to know which it will be.

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