Sunday, March 11, 2007

Google Image Search API updated (again...)

What can I say - the html format was changed again.
You can download the complete code from my article on CodeProject.
If you just want the update - I just had to change the Regex file, so you can simply replace its content with the following:

imagesRegex: (dyn\x2EImg\x28\x22[^\x22]*\x22,\x22[^\x22]*\x22,\x22(?<code>[^\x22]*)\x22,\x22(?<imgurl>[^\x22]*)\x22,\x22(?<width>[^\x22]*)\x22,\x22(?<height>[^\x22]*)\x22,[^\x29]*)
dataRegex: (?<width>[0-9,]*)\s+x\s+(?<height>[0-9,]*)\s+(pixels\s+){0,1}-\s+(?<size>[0-9,]*)(k)
totalResultsRegex: (?<upperLimit>upperLimit>(\s)*)(?<lastResult>[0-9,]*)([^=])*=(?<maxLimit>maxLimit>(\s)*)(?<totalResultsAvailable>[0-9,]*)


diego said...


i am diego Polo, from

have you done a wordpress plugin with your code?

it will be very useful to put google images in blogs.

if you do that I can pay you 50 dolars in paypal... what do you think?

Ilan Assayag said...

Hi Diego,
I appreciate your interest, as well as your willingness to participate in the costs.
I haven't written any plugin for blog engines yet. If/when I do - I will publish it 100% free, as I did with the API.
I am currently in a very busy period, so I can't tell when/if I will be able to check this out. If you or any person you know is willing to take the challenge, I'd be glad to help you make it public, as well as link to it from my article on CodeProject.