Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I don't know what this guy is on - but I want some...

This is really hallucinating. If this thing is for real, I want to know what this guy takes - and want some for myself...

Oren Zarif is one of these people who claim to have exceptional, supernatural and X-Files-like powers. Apparently, he likes to get it really hard. According to YNET, he has contacted Mike Tyson, proposing a fight. Zarif , weighting 68 kgs, as far from being a boxer talent as one can be, claims to be able to box with his eyes closed. He proposes a one-on-one, with his eyes completely covered. If Zarif loses, he would pay Tyson 5M$. If he wins, Tyson will have to donate the same amount to the US government for the victims of global terror.

For my English readers, the letter sent to Tyson, in passable English, can be found here. Source - YNET.

WTF ?!?!?

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