Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is it the end of Internet Freedom? A possible workaround...

Politicians are trying to add more and more limits to the freedom and anonymity we enjoy over the Internet. A few months ago, they wanted to force talkbackers to identify themselves - death sentence to talkbacks. Now, they are seriously talking about forcing users to identify themselves when using adults websites.
It's a pitty really. Instead of searching for ways to improve the quality of the service they provide us, they try to castrate the Internet into something more manageable (for them). Also, the philosophy behind this law they are trying to pass, is so anti-democratic and anti-privacy that it makes me want to cry.

Anyway, there might be a way around this. Check out Tor . It's a technology that basically routes web requests (or any other TCP-based communication) through various nodes in an encrypted form, making it almost impossible to track down the original user.

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