Monday, January 22, 2007

Did you know - Installing Team Foundation Server is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to name some issues:

  1. Prerequisites (or Things You Should Install Yourself Because The TFS Setup Team Was Too Lazy To Make The Process Smooth And Automatic)
    1. IIS
    2. SQL 2005
      1. + Some hotfixes
    3. .NET 2.0
      1. + Some hotfixes
    4. SharePoint Services
    5. Team Foundation Server
    6. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Quiescence GDR
    7. Visual Studio 2005 SP1
  2. The setup requires some 3-4 users to be already defined on the domain (that is - you don't have the option to add these during the installation process).
  3. TFS includes a license for SQL 2005 Standard Edition. But nobody tells you where you you can find the required Product Key. So we're now on the phone with Microsoft to figure that out...

I can understand problems related to the conversion of existing source management systems to TFS (up to some extent). But I NEVER thought ANY software could be THAT cumbersome to install. We didn't even reach the point of converting the data, and frankly if the setup is so complicated, I shiver at thinking of the complications we will encounter at converting...


alik said...

try this, might be of help

Ilan Assayag said...

thanks, although we wanted a concrete installation, not on a virtual image. Anyway, we're through now.
btw, according to their roadmap (see: they are planning some improvements in the setup experience.