Thursday, January 11, 2007

WinSnap - makes screenshots better

WinSnap - makes screenshots better.
That's their motto, and it's o so true!!! I don't remember where I heard about it for the first time (maybe the Daily Grind? I'm not sure). Anyway, it's an amazingly cool little screenshots maker, which gives you literally all you need to do the task. When it loads, it automatically takes a screenshot, so it really takes a single click (or keyboard shortcut) to create a cool-looking screenshot.

Highlights (in my opinion):

  • Simple, no fuss. One click to create the snapshot, another to directly send it by mail/copy to clipboard/save image locally.
  • Various coloring and shadowing options.
  • Various capturing modes:
    • Full screen
    • Application
    • Window
    • Client
    • Popup menu
    • Region selection
  • Contour, Watermark, simple image manipulations.
  • Small.

Since I downloaded it I've made several tens of screenshots, some to be saved locally, others directly sent by mail. I wish all software I used was so simply tuned to fit the needs it was aimed to fullfil as WinSnap.

Sole problem I encountered: it's slightly slower at taking snapshots than I would expect (around 1 second). I'm greedy - I want it to be quasi-instantaneous (say 1/5 second).

Rating on Ilan scale: 9/10

UPDATE: I discovered in the Settings that there is a default delay of 1 second when you take a snapshot while the application is open. Once you change that to 1 ms you get the kind of performance I was expecting.
This changes the rating in my eyes to a perfect 10/10 !


Ayende Rahien said...

What drives me mad is that the is no way to mark the image.
IE, paint some red rectangles there.

Ilan Assayag said...

You're right, of course. Yet, you can take a snapshot of a selected region, making some of the times where marking is necessary not an issue. But if you also need the surroundings you still have a problem, that's right.