Thursday, January 11, 2007 - online shop (Israeli) review

I've been working from home for more than 2 years now. Every now and then I need some office stuff: recordable media, computer peripherals, printer paper, envelopes, etc.
Ever since I've started buying at Misradia I've been trying to do all my office purchases from there. The prices are good, they have a wealth of stuff, everything is always on stock (to my experience), very good service (via Skype). I made an order yesterday at 1PM. It arrived today at 11AM!!!


  • Good prices
  • All office stuff available in their catalog and it's all on stock
  • Extremely fast delivery
  • Good service
  • Simple and intuitive site
  • Free door-to-door delivery (for large orders)


  • Sometimes the packages are not sufficiently well organized and some things arrive crumpled. Usually it's only the carton box that contains the goods.
  • Some articles lack more thorough details on the site. Some lack good pictures.
  • There is a fairly high minimum order to get a door-to-door delivery (I think it's 223 NIS). So you should calculate your orders carefully to fully enjoy this benefit.

Rating on Ilan scale: 9 (of 10)

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