Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Integrating Matlab and TFS

It IS possible to integrate Matlab with Team Foundation Server. Here are the steps you must take (I'm assuming Matlab and TFS Explorer are already installed on your machine):


  • Copy the existing registry entry for "Microsoft Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider" and give the new copy a shorter name, e.g., "MS Team Foundation Server".
  • In Matlab preferences (File => Preferences), select the "Source Control" subsection under "General"
  • Choose "MS Team Foundation Server" and click Apply.

That's it. From there on you can use TFS much like you would have used VSS. I suppose most new TFS features are not available, but at least you can do simple checkin/checkout, view history, compare files, etc.

Reference (requires a Mathworks login):

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Ofek Shilon said...

I've actually had some trouble trying to integrate. I reported the problems to Mathworks, and put the workarounds online: