Sunday, November 11, 2007

XP Printing issues - Grrrr...!!!

D., my colleague came to me today asking for help with printing problems. At some point I decided to log off, but then I couldn't log on again. The machine kept saying that the current time is different than the network time. I couldn't log on with any of our domain users (including Administrator), so I had to log on with the local Admin user. Looking at the time, it looked fine. After digging and searching for 15 minutes, we discovered that the date differed - running some simulation D. had to move his clock one day ahead and forgot to move it back.

Once we moved the clock back to the right day, he could print flawlessly!

Things gives rise to many questions:

1. Why couldn't he print when his day was wrong? I understand there are synchronization issues involved - but in 2007 (almost 2008) these things shouldn't happen! Sometimes you really can not have all your computers synchronized. That's life!

2. Why did the error talk about time and not date?

3. Why couldn't we even log on with a domain user?


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