Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Afraid of moving to IE7

I know that using IE is not very "geeky", but I don't care - I'm an IE user. I've tried FireFox several times (including the latest version 2), and even installed the latest Opera browser. Both had real difficulties coping with my banks' sites (Opera remained blank and FireFox often gets completely stuck, up to getting my whole machine stuck!). I want to use one single browser  - without needing to remember which browser works best with which site. I know that the culprits are the web developers and not the browsers (probably), but I don't care -the bottom line is that I can't use either of them for all my browsing tasks.
Conclusion - I have to keep using IE.
Now IE7 is out, and it looks pretty promising - enhanced security, tabs (finally), RSS, etc. Not as rich as FireFox or Opera, but still - much better than IE6. The problem is that I don't know whether the sites I usually visit properly support IE7, and I really don't feel like counting on uninstalling it in case of problems.

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Tomer Gabel said...

In case you haven't yet, you should. IE7 is about a million times better than IE6 in every respect. And yes, banking websites and the like work like a charm.