Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reflexology to help with pooping

Here comes a somewhat weird post about babies and pooping. Don't complain I didn't warn you!

Our baby-daughter, Tamar, is now 9 days old. She is feeding on breast-milk only and things are generally going pretty well. In the past 2 days she has started to be restless, complaining even while sleeping, evidently suffering from gas. She has also stopped pooping completely. This wouldn't be surprising, since breast-feeded baby poop less, but it was obvious she needed to free herself and didn't succeed. Also, breast-feeded babies rarely suffer from constipation, so this is not a very common situation. This morning, after having passed a restless, poop-less night, we decided to search for a way to help her. Obviously, the stomach massages we have been giving her during the last days didn't help - a more drastic measure was necessary...

The desperate measure for such situations is using a rectal thermometer. The physical touch on the anal region is a very strong poop-generator. And, sure enough, after having taken this measure, before I had the chance to put her diaper on, she started pooping and pooping like there's no tomorrow. 5 diapers and 20 minutes later, she was done.

Yet, that was in the morning, and the more the day went on, the more she became restless again. What next? We can't keep pushing her thermometers in her anus - it could very easily lead to some sort of addiction, where her system can't function without a physical trigger. But she's suffering - what can we do?

After calling friends, family and about any person we thought might be able to help, and searching throughout the Internet, the most promising finding was doing her reflexology. Apparently, massaging the middle inner part of the foot clockwise stimulates the whole digestive system and helps pooping. We didn't put much hope in it, but what have we got to lose? It took less than 10 seconds of massage for the crap to get loose!!! It's like unlocking a door. A M A Z I NG !!! (by the way - pay attention that doing the massage in counter-clock direction has the exactly opposite effect, it's apparently excellent to solve diarrhea problems).

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