Tuesday, October 03, 2006

About Windows Live Writer, Blogger and Images

I've been using Windows Live Writer for the past week or so. It's really great - I'm able to post in a much simpler and faster way than before, allowing me to post more frequently.

There is one problem, though - posting images to Blogger! For some reason, Live Writer doesn't know how to post images to Blogger. This is particularly annoying, since I've always had trouble with that and I was hoping it would become easier with Live Writer. So for my previous post, I had to post it without the images, and add the images manually from the browser. Not only that, but I'm an IE user, and it took me some time to remember that I've always had trouble uploading images from IE. So I had to dig out FireFox from the programs-that-are-candidates-to-be-eliminated-from-my-computer-on-the-next-clean-up and do it from there. Not nice - really really not nice!

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